Sunday, April 15, 2012

Urban Dwellings Design is Closed

We have shut the doors at 412 Delaware in the River Market.

We hope you will stop by and see us at our new business venture, The Coveted Home.

The Coveted Home will carry many of the same lines you are used to finding at Urban Dwellings, but we have fine tuned our vision. We have also added a few new lines that bring a wonderful freshness to our look.

The Coveted Home opens in late April 2012.

Visit our new website:

Or get updates on our facebook page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let the SALE begin!

It seems the question out of everyone's mouth these days is: "so when are you going to have a sale?" As you have heard, we are moving the location of the store to Corinth Square next month and changing the name to The Coveted Home. And while there are certain pieces that will not be joining us on our move, the majority of our inventory will. We hate to disappoint all of you with this news, but we believe in the beauty and value of our product. Plus it is VERY expensive to stock an entire store with merchandise, just FYI: ) Don't worry, there will be plenty of new goodies to get your attention in the new shop, and we know you are just going to love the additions we are making to the already stellar line up of products that we currently offer.

Below is a start of the items we have marked down. They are mainly bigger pieces that we know will not transition to the new location. There will be more to come as the moving process begins, check back often for updates, we will post them on facebook also. And drop in the store if there is something you particularly would like, we may be able to make you a deal.

As pieces are sold we will update this post, also as new items are marked down we will add them to the post.

A handful of pillows are now 75% off!

Vine ottoman is $229 (half off!)

MG+BW Martin 90" leather sofa, $2376.50

Metal and wood console on wheels marked down to $1440 (half off!) 1 HAS SOLD, ONLY 1 LEFT

White leather MG+BW Kirk Swivel Chair, $812

MG+BW Collins Bar, $597.50 (half off!) SOLD

Select candles and room diffusers 75% off! THESE ARE GOING VERY FAST, ONLY A FEW LEFT

Ferret Dining Table, $1031.50 (half off!)

Thank you to all of our customers and everyone who has helped to get us this far. It really means the world to us!
xo, Jaclyn

Monday, March 12, 2012

Taxidermy Doesn't Have to be a Trophy

Taxidermy swept through the interior design scene a few years ago and seems to still be a relevant fad in home decor. At first I had my reservations, being an animal lover and a vegetarian. But a few things changed my mind.

Many taxidermy shops don’t support the traditional trophy aspect of hunting and killing. Those with this view are carrying antique pieces from the late 19th and early 20th century. Much of the hunting done at that time was considered scientific, a form of nature preservation.

Many people who have begun to collect these pieces view the animals as a piece of art and a gift from nature. Since many of us may never see these animals up close in real life, it can be fascinating to have them in our homes.

Since I still have the thought in the back of my head that popularity creates demand, and if the fad is big enough there will have to be more killing to produce the supply, I have found many alternatives to the trend.

Hand-carved wood deer heads are some of my favorites. The detail on them is beautiful, and they provide a unique natural appeal in a similar fashion to the real thing.

A hand carved wooden stag head commands attention in my small apartment.

Felt animal heads are a bit more whimsical and playful. I love the softness of them and think they are perfect for a child’s room.

These felt heads by Roost are currently for sale in the shop!

A vintage Aoudad head from Africa

I have also seen beautiful and colorful papier mache heads of a bull, goat and deer that add an enchanting aspect to any interior.

This is one trend that may come and go for some, but the animal lover in me will always find it appealing.

This post appeared in last Sunday's Kansas City Star Magazine.
By Jaclyn Joslin

Read more here:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Exciting news! Sales Position Available!

The Coveted Home (formerly Urban Dwellings Design) is seeking part time, experienced sales people to join our team. Here is what we are looking for:

  • Considered applicants must have sales experience. Furniture sales is preferred but not required
  • Candidates must be motivated and possess a genuine, friendly and helpful disposition with a desire to become part of a closely knit team
  • Sales performance is a must for job retention
  • Please send resumes in PDF format only (no word files please) to:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Commercial Space for Lease in Kansas City

You may have heard--we are moving. Consequently our space in the River Market is available for lease. It is hard to find a space with more character than this; shiny concrete floors, brick walls, high exposed ceilings. And on one of the most historic and beautiful streets in KC, Delaware Street.

Here is a link to Aron Real Estate with more details: LEASE 412 Delaware

Please spread the word to anyone you know looking for commercial space for rent!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On trend: Kilims

I've been noticing and admiring the use of kilim rugs in interiors lately. Middle Eastern in origin, these traditionally woven wool flatweaves have graphic patterns and tribal characteristics. They look great in just about any type of interior, but I'm particularly loving them in more clean, sleek, and modern spaces because they add just that right amount of global-boho chic to liven it up.

A Stockholm apartment looks gorgeous with the addition of a neutral kilim rug.

We currently have a handful of pillows made from vintage kilim rug pieces for sale in the shop:

They'd be a fun way to interject a bit of color, pattern, and texture into a space.

I find these antique kilim rugs from Apadana to be so pretty and surprisingly modern feeling. The aged patina makes them even more desirable to me.

I've also been spotting kilim motifs all over in fashion right now. How great are the Chuska loafers from Anthropologie? I think they'd look effortless with skinny black capris and a denim shirt come Spring.

And check out these beautifully beaded statement necklaces, available through the Seattle-based boutique Totokaelo. They definitely invoke a kilim-like pattern. I can see these being worn with a simple maxi dress or a flowy top.

xo, Amanda

First image, NY Times Style Magazine, Nov. 4, 2011. Following two are my own. Remainder are vendor images.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Rethink Reupholstery

Being located a block away from an antique mall, and having fabric swatches hanging in the back of the store, we get a lot of people asking if we offer reupholstering services. Also, because of the nature of our design business, we get just as many asking for reupholstering advice (e.g., "How much yardage do you think a chair 'yay' big would need?")

Of course, we don't reupholster here at our retail shop, as this arduous task is clearly best left to the skilled professionals with a workshop and years of experience. However, what I can offer is some insight because it seems that there are many misconceptions about the reupholstering process. There is a great interview of an upholsterer's perspective in this month's issue of Real Simple magazine (February 2012) that got me thinking about the subject.

Here are some quick tips:

1.) Reupholstering furniture probably won't save you money. In fact, it could cost you more when it's all said and done. Buying a "steal of a deal" from the antique store may not always be so great if your goal is to spend less than you would on a new piece. Once you factor in the cost of your piece, the cost of fabric and labor, it may be a wash. Other factors that you should consider are: the need for any new painting/staining, repairs/reinforcements, or new cushioning/springs -- all of which could send you over the edge.

2.) Good quality fabric is expensive. Manufacturing fabric is a labor and resource intense process, especially if it is anything worth putting on a piece of furniture. Buying enough yardage to cover an occasional chair or sofa will be costly.

3.) Reupholstering is not a DIY job. Unless you are looking at something like a little bench seat or a small inset cushion, upholstering should be done by professionals. It is a skilled trade and one can easily tell the difference between a good and bad upholstery job.

That said, there are many great reasons to reupholster antique and vintage furniture. For one, mixing in older furnishings adds character, depth and style to your home. Antique and vintage furniture can possess certain qualities that newer items seem to lack. I myself have had pieces reupholstered for my home, and we occasionally sell refurbished items in the store or have pieces reupholstered for design clients, and the results have always been well worth it. Giving a second life to an older piece is creatively rewarding and inherently eco-conscious. As an added bonus, utilizing antique and vintage furniture will make your interior unique and enviable with one-of-a-kind treasures.

xo, Amanda

Image from House Beautiful magazine. The homeowner chose to leave the backs of the chairs sans upholstery :)