Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dream Home Dinner

As Ilyssa described in the last post, we had the opportunity to attend the MG+BW Comfort College in North Carolina. Lucky for us, this also meant we got to rub shoulders with none other than Mitchell and Bob, and many other talents who work for the company.

Our first evening there, we were all invited to have dinner and drinks at Bob Williams and his husband Stephen Heavner’s, gorgeously renovated, Georgian Colonial home. In what could have been a bit of an intimidating experience, Bob and Stephen immediately made us feel welcome by greeting and introducing themselves to everyone at their front door as we came in.

As pleasantries and mingling ensued, we were free to explore the home and make ourselves comfortable throughout the evening. Since Bob is responsible for all of the incredibly well- designed pieces of the MG+BW furniture line, they naturally made up the majority of the furnishings in the home--however the look was anything but one note.

With a stylish mix of vintage and antique pieces throughout, beautiful groupings of curiosities and art, a moody and fashionable color palate, and great touches such as custom draperies, this abode was a real stunner.

Even though we were hanging out in a upscale dream home, it still managed to feel approachable, comfortable, and fun, just like their motto for the company. Which, coincidentally is kind of our approach to interior design here at Urban Dwellings :-)

Here Ilyssa and I enjoy a seat on the Celia sofa, which looked amazing in a cozy burgundy mohair.

All images from Traditional Home magazine, except for the last. See the entire feature on their home in the April 2011 issue of Traditional Home here.


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