Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Moment of Serendipity

A few weeks before my August trip to New York I received a beautifully wrapped package in the mail. Thick brown craft paper, beautifully addressed, sealed with a stamp. On the inside a catalogue tied with a piece of purple leather.

The catalogue

There was a note attached: Jaclyn, You have a great eye, if you find yourself in New York I would love to show you my collection. -Jenn

Well, how serendipitous I thought, I will be in New York in 2 weeks! And after a quick glance through the catalogue, I knew I would be making time to visit the studio of Room 125.

Jenn's collection is the result of having been in the antique and vintage industry for several years. After a few bittersweet experiences of finding the perfect piece, to only then be purchased and never seen by her again, she starting archiving and photographing favorites.

She now has a beautiful and carefully curated collection of objects; some original antique negatives, some are hand colored engravings and some are objects she has had photographed and drastically enlarged.

The Studio

Prints from original antique negatives

A small cuff link or pin that was blown up in size

Hand colored etchings

All photographs my own

Visiting Room 125 with Jenn was a highlight of my trip and I can't wait to have the opportunity to place some of her art in just the perfect home. View the entire catalogue here. (click on the purple catalogue link in the bottom right corner of the home page)

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