Friday, July 22, 2011

Biding My Time

If you haven't heard, here in the Midwest we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave. Subsequently foot traffic in the store has been slow allowing me to get caught up with some much needed office work as well as a little shopping. I love visiting the antique stores in the area for unique finds for the store as well as clients. We have such a great resource right around the corner, The River Market Antique Mall. With four floors jam packed with furniture, accessories, lamps, dishes and general oddities, it is hard to walk out empty handed.

This Batik print is in the store now, I could easily design a whole room around it.

A vintage camel saddle cool in an entry way or hallway..such a statement piece.

An old hoop dress I think? Again, I could design an entire room around this!

Vintage Holy Bible

From an old piece of farm equipment. I love the color, these would look great in a modern room for a pop of color with a little bit of rustic charm.

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