Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pick Me Up

During these almost unbearably hot summer days in Kansas City I can become a little sluggish. Traveling, or even just the thought of traveling, can cheer me up. Traveling provides me with inspiration, it re-energizes my spirit and can make me feel as though I am starting fresh when I return home.

I haven't traveled in several months however, my work commitments have just not allowed me that freedom. I decided to take a look at my photos from my Paris trip last summer. I knew they would spark the memories of pure joy and amazement that I had while I was there.

The first set of photos are from a few home decor shops I visited and loved. The pops of color really brighten my day!

I have been able to book a trip for New York in August that I am so very excited for. Part business, part pleasure, a week exploring the city is just what I need and I will be sure to share my inspirations here with you!

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