Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Decorating...Naturally

This post comes a little late in the game, as I am not known for exceptional holiday decorating skills (however I am working at improving this!). I have never had a real tree before and this year I decided to put one in the store. A 7-8' white pine was just the tree for my first go at this.

Amanda had ordered us some great ornaments that we are selling and mixed with some others I bought at Target a few years ago our tree was coming along. But what for the top? After a few days of brainstorming I had an idea. Remember the lovely Book Wreath we made for the DIFFA auction? That could be done in the fashion of a tree topper! I put my talented assistant, Katie to work on it and within about an hour or so she whipped this beauty up!

I call the style of our tree "Naturally Modern". It is simple and holds its own done sparsely but could also be layered with more for a bigger impact.

A burlap skirt with some shiny gold & silver wrapped presents is pretty.

The hand carved owls, silvery/gold orbs and bells are for sale at the store (click here to see an up close image with pricing or to order). The white balls, pinecones and small mercury glass ornaments are from Target.

The tree topper is made from rolled up and hot glued pages of a book.

Enjoy the season,

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