Friday, December 9, 2011

Something BIG

I have been up to something big for a while now. Circumstances arose that made me consider a name change for Urban Dwellings Design. Admittedly in the beginning I was resistant and wanted to stand my ground. Then I had a shift in thought--there is good in this, I just have to find it. Sure enough it hit me on the head one day, after a phone call with a potential client. I had heard it before, but not really HEARD it.

The word "Urban" was not resonating with a portion of potential customers. People were assuming because of the word urban that the selections at Urban Dwellings would be too modern, contemporary or um..urban.

I chose the name Urban Dwellings because I wanted to juxtapose two different concepts--urban being more modern and dwellings being more rustic or old. This was and continues to be my approach to design. And while I still love the name and the concept of it, more than one instance guided me into going forward with a name change.

Coming up with a name is not easy. I thought long and hard the first time around and this second time was no exception. But I could not be happier with the new name--I think it represents the lines and style that we have become know for to a T. It also represents the direction I will continue to take with the store and my design work-chic, sophisticated, coveted and most importantly, livable.

So here it is, the new name, complete with a gorgeous logo and tag line. I could not be more thrilled!

We are currently still operating under Urban Dwellings Design and will gradually make the shift over the next several months into The Coveted Home. Stay in touch to see the full transformation take place!


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