Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Different Perspective

Recently one of my favorite magazines, Elle Decor, had a changeover in editors. Many times when a new editor is brought on board the point of view of the magazine changes and it seems this case was no exception. Michael Boodro has taken over as editor in chief, replacing Margret Russell. Mr. Boodro was promoted from within, but had also previously done time at Martha Stewart Living among a few other noteworthy publications. Margret Russell moved over to Architectural Digest.

I have to admit, I have not been crazy about the homes featured in Elle Decor since the change. They seem a bit depressing although it is quite obvious they are dripping with expensive fixtures and furnishings. I have begun to enjoy Architectural Digest again though. For years I thought A.D. was full of overly decorated, stuffy museum-like homes. Under the direction of Ms. Russell however, I find myself attracted by the more livable and modern styles featured.

A while ago House Beautiful changed editors. I think I enjoy Newell Turner's point of view even more than the previous editor! I feel as though I can always turn to H.B for inspiring and lively of-the-moment trends and homes. They almost always seem attainable to me and therefore, my clients and I admire that.

While at the High Point furniture market last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Hearst Magazine Party, which includes Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Veranda. It was a lovely party, albeit a bit crowded! I did pass Mr. Boodro in the hallway and introduced myself to him, which I of course got a total kick out of!

I recently got my Elle Decor November issue, but haven't cracked it open yet...maybe I will be surprised!

Me at left with Amy Jo Cosgrove & Jacqueline Rent of Barbara Cosgrove Lamps.

The cake

My take away: )

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  1. Jaclyn - I couldn't agree more. I haven't liked an issue of Elle Decor since Margaret left. I must say I did enjoy Ashley Stark's home in the December issue though. I now have a subscription to AD. It's basically the new Elle Decor. I think Newell has done a fabulous job at HB as well. I was worried it wouldn't be the same after Stephen left but like you said it's even better.