Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspiration Made Easier

How many times have you tried to do a Google search for ideas on how to redecorate a room or for any kind of inspiration for that matter and just wind up with pages and pages of links that take you nowhere? It's so frustrating and time consuming!

It is surprising with the amount of online information out there that the concept of online portfolios and wish lists are so new to the scene. Even websites like and online magazines have minimal references.

Enter and, two sites that have changed my life. I am most familiar with these, but if you know of another similar concept please let us know!

I can now search for specific ideas and interests and be given a plethora of pictures and information on the topic. For example, I searched for "wood sculptures" on Pinterest and I got, on one page, loads of pictures (you don't even have to click through more than one page)! It's great for someone like me who is very visual and can scan over all these images real quickly then click on the ones I like for more information.

Pinterest allows you to "pin" what you like and create boards, basically folders of interest. You can see who posted the picture and if you like what they are doing "follow them." You can also see what your friends are up to and it links really nicely with Facebook. Pinterest is a great for any topic; food, travel, fashion etc.
(my search for wood sculptures)

is little more formal in its display and only focuses on the home. It's great because so many designers are posting their finished products online which provides inspiration and ideas by true professionals. With this site you can also create folders called "Idea Books" to keep your images organized. You can ask questions and make comments on pictures which is really helpful when you want to know exactly what paint color was used or where they purchased that table! Here I searched for "gray tile bathroom"....

I will forever be changed by this. Now whenever I am looking for a new recipe, a pair of boots, or to redecorate my home my first source will be sites like these. Of course, Pinterest and Houzz also offer apps which is great when out shopping for your found inspiration.


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