Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kelly LaPlante for Fireclay Tile

I will admit it, I am a lucky girl. I consider myself lucky for many reasons and one of them is my wonderful family, extended family included. My second cousin Kelly LaPlante is an infinite source of inspiration for me. I completely adore and look up to her. It just so happens that we are in the same line of profession, which was only discovered after I was in school for design and she had already started her career.

Why is Kelly so great you ask? Allow me to list the reason why:
She founded her own design firm in LA and creates beautiful, warm and inspiring spaces, all while being environmentally friendly.
She c0-founded a furniture line, JAK, with business partner James Saavedra.
She wrote a book, Ecologique.
She has had and still makes various appearances on television.
She had a baby.
She moved to Austin and started on awesome online magazine, Standard and presides as editor in chief.
She will soon air in a reality style design show.
She is now creating her own designs for other companies. The first (to my knowledge) is with Fireclay Tile.

Read all about and keep up with her newest endeavor here. I hope you find as much inspiration in Kelly's work as I do.


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